Adventures by Disney FAQ

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  1. What is included in the cost of the adventure?
  2. What is not included in the cost of the adventure?
  3. Can an extra night before or after the adventure dates be reserved?
  4. Are passports or visas required for international travel?
  5. What if I need to cancel a reservation?
  6. What if Adventures by Disney cancels an Adventure prior to departure?
  7. Is trip cancellation insurance available?
  8. Can flights be booked through Adventures by Disney?
  9. I prefer to book flights on my own. Are there any guidelines I need to be made aware of?
  10. Is there a minimum age for travelers?
  11. Are there age, height and weight restrictions for certain activities?
  12. Do Guests need to know the language native to the destination?
  13. Are Adventures by Disney vacations appropriate for Guests with disabilities?
  14. Are there luggage restrictions?
  15. What can be expected of the hotel rooms on each adventure?
  16. Is there special documentation to travel with children?
  17. Are vaccinations needed to travel internationally?
  18. Can you special dietary needs be accommodated?
  19. What type of meals are served on an Adventures by Disney trip?
  20. What is the smoking policy?
  21. Are there cultural differences Guests should expect when traveling outside the U.S.?
  22. Are tips included?

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