Just two weeks ago today, the Disney Magic® arrived at the Port of Galveston to kick off Disney Cruise Line’s® inaugural season of sailing from the Lone Star State. From Galveston, the Disney Magic® will sail 4-, 6-, 7-, and 8-night Western Caribbean itineraries along with an 8-night Bahamian itinerary through May of 2013.

The Disney Magic® made her first appearance in Texas with a large cowboy hat on the funnel! The hat was 19-feet tall and 14-feet wide! If a real cowboy was to wear this hat, he would need to be about 43 feet tall! Along with many locals, Houston’s Ghostriders, the official rodeo drill team of Texas, were on hand to welcome Disney Cruise Line® to the neighborhood.

The cowboy hat was actually just a printed polypoplene cover that was attached to a frame that covered the existing Disney Cruise Line® emblem on the funnel!