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Magic Kingdom Theme ParkStaying connected just got a little easier at Magic Kingdom® Park!

We all know what a frustration a weak mobile signal can be when trying to access the internet through our mobile device. Whether we are trying to stay connected with family and friends at home, access our favorite in-park app, keep our social media feeds up to date or just need the occasional connection to our work…a weak mobile signal can send us to a screeching halt.

All of that is changing in Magic Kingdom® Park.

As Fox News and other agencies reported earlier this month, the 1st of August brought about another major perk at Walt Disney World® Resort as they quietly rolled out free Wi-Fi in Magic Kingdom® Park!

The “Disney-Guest” network is now online in Magic Kingdom® Park, allowing you to access free Wi-Fi while in the park! As a great compliment to the now free Wi-Fi in Walt Disney World® Resort hotels, keeping your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites up to date with your latest vacation fun is even easier!

Walt Disney World® Resort doesn’t intend to stop there either! There are plans to extend the free Wi-Fi coverage into their other three Orlando parks as well.

With the continued popularity of mobile and internet devices, free Wi-Fi just enhances the ability to enjoy your time in the park, while sharing it with others on the outside!

Remember though, don’t work too much, after all, Walt Disney World® Resort is supposed to be a dream vacation!

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