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Breaking the Myths – Booking with a Travel Agent

Sleeping Beauty CastleFor the past couple months, we have been sharing with you some of the common questions and myths we receive regarding vacationing at Disney Destinations. The bottom line is this – planning ANY vacation can be difficult! But when you start considering all the little details involved in a Disney Vacation, it is no wonder that it stresses many out!

Let’s take a look at three of the common myths regarding booking with a Travel Agent:

  1. Myth: I receive better pricing when I book directly with Disney
    Since your travel is booked directly through the suppliers, our pricing for your base vacation package is Disney’s pricing. Even after you book, we will check all the promotions to make sure you are paying the lowest price possible! However, the services our Magic Makers® provide their clients far surpass those of online booking engines and many other travel agencies our industry. With that in mind, some bookings may require a Professional Fee which will always be disclosed upfront.
  2. Myth: All travel agencies selling Disney Vacations are “Authorized Disney Vacation Planners”
    Being an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is more than a cool logo we put on our website. Rather, it is a special designation that Off to Neverland Travel® has earned from Disney Destinations. This designation assures you that we have earned our place among family vacation specialists, specifically vacations to the Walt Disney World® Resort, the Disneyland® Resort, onboard Disney Cruise Line®, and the many itineraries offered by Adventures by Disney®.  In addition to their personal experiences, our Magic Makers® have completed extensive online training from the College of Disney Knowledge and have access to some onsite training opportunities available exclusively for EarMarked Agencies. Make the most of your vacation by booking with Off to Neverland Travel®, An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Our designation is the difference you deserve!
  3. Myth: I enjoy planning my vacations so using a Travel Agent isn’t for me
    There is no specific “type” of person who uses a Travel Agent. Each and every one of us are different! Some of our clients count on their Magic Maker® to plan every detail of their vacation. Others just rest easy in knowing that they have received the best possible discount and have an expert available if they run into any questions while planning their own vacation. The level of involvement of our Magic Makers® in your vacation is up to you!

Wow, after breaking those three myths, I think the only question is “Why wouldn’t you book your vacation with Off to Neverland Travel®?” Contact your Magic Maker® today to get started!

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Off to Neverland Travel Designated An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Off to Neverland Travel® has been designated by Disney Destinations as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  As experts in the field of family vacations, Off to Neverland Travel® has worked alongside Disney Destinations now for two and a half years, dedicating ourselves to becoming the perfect agency to help you book your Disney Vacations.  This designation by Disney acknowledges our hard work, and speaks to our future as we continue to plan magical vacation after magical vacation to the Disney Destinations around the nation and the world.

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner – What does this mean to you, our wonderful clients?

Disney’s designation assures you that we have earned our place among family vacation specialists, specifically vacations to the Walt Disney World® Resort, the Disneyland® Resort, onboard Disney Cruise Line®, and the many itineraries offered by Adventures by Disney.  Also, by having this designation, we are able to pass on several perks to you:

  • Easier Access to Disney Reservations: As an EarMarked Agency, we will be receiving preferred access to the cast members at the reservations office for all of the major Disney Destinations.  This means that when it is time to apply that new special or the moment to secure a Fairytale Dining (formerly Cinderella’s Royal Table) reservation, we will have front of the line access to make sure your dreams are taken care of in order for you to have the most magical trip possible.
  • First Hand Experiences: Disney will be offering us more opportunities to train and to become even more knowledgeable.  While all of our Magic Makers® have completed the College of Disney Knowledge (a training program from Disney), we will now have opportunities to experience onsite training at the highest level along with attending a yearly conference for EarMarked Agencies.  This conference is an excellent chance to learn more, and all of these opportunities will allow us to achieve the best possible service levels for you.
  • A Better Future: The “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” program is not entered into lightly.  We had to prove ourselves through several benchmarks, and that does not go away by simply signing the contract.  We will continue to prove that we are worthy to remain in the program by increasing our knowledge, clients, and love for everything that is Disney.  Simply put, if we are striving for this, you can know that your future with us will be even better as you continue to rely on us for wonderful Disney Vacations.

We wouldn’t be an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner without you!

Our EarMarked status reflects a trust and dedication that our clients have given to us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Please join us in celebrating our new title, “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner,” by booking your next Disney vacation with us.