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Off to Neverland® Brings the Magic to Your Mobile Device

At Off to Neverland Travel® we have been creating lasting Disney vacation memories for families for five years, providing customized, white glove service to make your vacation dreams come true.

With mobile apps and content becoming an increasingly popular, if not essential, part of life, we are thrilled to introduce a little more ‘magic’ to the mobile world with the release of our exclusive Walt Disney World® Resort mobile itinerary.

Our mobile itinerary is a collision of our free itinerary planning service that is offered when  you plan your trip with Off to Neverland® and the mobile technology that we all embrace. Through the mobile itinerary, you will have your entire itinerary in their pocket, professionally planned by our expert Magic Makers® who are known for creating such whimsical experiences.

Within the mobile itinerary, you will have access to your professionally planned itinerary, including park hours, parade start times, firework show times and daily plans that include personalized tips to make your vacation as magical as possible. In addition, the mobile itinerary app contains all of the important information you need including your vacation package details and your pre-planned dining reservation times, locations and confirmations.

Run into an issue on your trip? No problem! Within the mobile itinerary, your personal Magic Maker’s® contact information is only a few clicks away! Whether you have a question about your professional planned itinerary or need some other form of assistance on your trip, help is at your fingertips.

Never before has a mobile itinerary existed for visitors to Walt Disney World® Resort that blended the technology of today with the expertise of a personal ‘concierge’ that knows your family’s needs and designs your itinerary around it. The stress of planning your trip has come to an end, as the future of vacations through Off to Neverland Travel® has arrived!


Off to Neverland Travel® Celebrates 5 Years!

Today is an exciting day for Off to Neverland Travel® as we celebrate 5 years of making your travel dreams come true!

While Off to Neverland Travel® is turning five, our story actually began in 1998 when our owner, Chet McDoniel, was on his 2nd trip to Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida. It was on this trip that Chet fell in love with Disney and thus began the journey towards the birth of Off to Neverland Travel®.

Chet tells his story best:

“To set the stage, let me tell you that I couldn’t wait to see SpectroMagic Parade. It was the one thing I was most excited about.  On our day at the Magic Kingdom® Park, we arrived to watch the parade too late to get a decent spot to view it, and did not know about any other seating options, so I watched it from a distance, while at the time my hopes were crushed. Being in a wheelchair, I couldn’t even see the parade due to all the people around me.

On the last day of our trip, we were at MGM (now, Disney’s Hollywood Studios™) and as we were leaving, I noticed that there was an hour before the SpectroMagic Parade. We decided (upon my request) to make another attempt at viewing the parade.  I was fearful when we arrived because when we had seen it a couple of days earlier, we tried to get seats about an hour early, and here we were attempting the same at about 20 mins before the parade. When we arrived, Main Street, U.S.A.® Area was PACKED. Here I am in a manual wheelchair with someone pushing me through holes that people couldn’t even walk through. I would never make it. My hopes dashed again, I was ready to leave…

We pushed and shoved through the crowd as my parents had decided that if we couldn’t see the parade, we might as well ride a high-profile attraction while we were here. Then a Cast Member walked right up to us on the street as we were trying to hurry to get out of the parade’s way. It hadn’t started, but Jimminy Cricket had made several announcements. She knelt down, eye-to-eye level with me and in the middle of the chaos, said with a great big smile, “I saved a special place just for you sweetheart.” She turned and walked over to handicapped seating area not 10 ft away, where, there was just enough room to park my chair. My front wheels were practically hanging off the curb. I turned to say thanks and she winked and left. I watched the parade in all of its splendor.  My dreams came true, and my vacation was made perfect.”

That kind of vacation magic is what we are all about at Off to Neverland Travel®. Disney provides a level of service and entertainment that no other destination can provide, and Off to Neverland Travel® is here to serve you and your vacation needs with ‘white gloves’. Our service goes far beyond the average, helping you create lasting vacation memories.   From dining arrangements and tours to tips and general questions, and everything in between, our Magic Makers® are committed to making your vacation all it can be.

While Disney is our specialty, we are a full-service travel agency, and we can help you with your vacation plans to any destination.

We are strong believers that wonderful, lasting memories are made when families and friends go on vacation, and that is why Off to Neverland Travel® has been here for five  years serving you, and will continue to be here in the years to come. Whatever your vacation dreams may be, they are only “a wish away” here at Off to Neverland Travel®.


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Off to Neverland Travel Designated An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Off to Neverland Travel® has been designated by Disney Destinations as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  As experts in the field of family vacations, Off to Neverland Travel® has worked alongside Disney Destinations now for two and a half years, dedicating ourselves to becoming the perfect agency to help you book your Disney Vacations.  This designation by Disney acknowledges our hard work, and speaks to our future as we continue to plan magical vacation after magical vacation to the Disney Destinations around the nation and the world.

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner – What does this mean to you, our wonderful clients?

Disney’s designation assures you that we have earned our place among family vacation specialists, specifically vacations to the Walt Disney World® Resort, the Disneyland® Resort, onboard Disney Cruise Line®, and the many itineraries offered by Adventures by Disney.  Also, by having this designation, we are able to pass on several perks to you:

  • Easier Access to Disney Reservations: As an EarMarked Agency, we will be receiving preferred access to the cast members at the reservations office for all of the major Disney Destinations.  This means that when it is time to apply that new special or the moment to secure a Fairytale Dining (formerly Cinderella’s Royal Table) reservation, we will have front of the line access to make sure your dreams are taken care of in order for you to have the most magical trip possible.
  • First Hand Experiences: Disney will be offering us more opportunities to train and to become even more knowledgeable.  While all of our Magic Makers® have completed the College of Disney Knowledge (a training program from Disney), we will now have opportunities to experience onsite training at the highest level along with attending a yearly conference for EarMarked Agencies.  This conference is an excellent chance to learn more, and all of these opportunities will allow us to achieve the best possible service levels for you.
  • A Better Future: The “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” program is not entered into lightly.  We had to prove ourselves through several benchmarks, and that does not go away by simply signing the contract.  We will continue to prove that we are worthy to remain in the program by increasing our knowledge, clients, and love for everything that is Disney.  Simply put, if we are striving for this, you can know that your future with us will be even better as you continue to rely on us for wonderful Disney Vacations.

We wouldn’t be an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner without you!

Our EarMarked status reflects a trust and dedication that our clients have given to us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Please join us in celebrating our new title, “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner,” by booking your next Disney vacation with us.