Below, you will find information about our Magic Makers® here at Off to Neverland Travel®. Click on any of the pictures to see a full bio.
Allie Willits
Allie WillitsSince 2012
Alyssa Stockl
Alyssa StocklSince 2013
Alyssa Trejo
Alyssa TrejoSince 2012
Amanda Harris
Amanda HarrisSince 2010
Amanda Thompson
Amanda ThompsonSince 2010
Amy Lanks
Amy LanksSince 2013
Angelle Morley
Angelle MorleySince 2013
Astrid Jobe
Astrid JobeSince 2010
Brenda Wenk
Brenda WenkSince 2012
Brianna Hill
Brianna HillSince 2012
Cana Tennant
Cana TennantSince 2012
Candice Bobo
Candice BoboSince 2013
Carla Lemminger
Carla LemmingerSince 2012
Chet McDoniel
Chet McDonielSince 2007
Christine Brown
Christine BrownSince 2013
Christine Gardner
Christine GardnerSince 2011
Christine Schneider
Christine SchneiderSince 2013
Chuck Roe
Chuck RoeSince 2011
Clydene Rogers
Clydene RogersSince 2013
Courtney Agnello
Courtney AgnelloSince 2009
Courtney Harris
Courtney HarrisSince 2010
Dave Fonville
Dave FonvilleSince 2008
Dawn Crowder
Dawn CrowderSince 2009
Debbie Dawson
Debbie DawsonSince 2012
Debra Wright
Debra WrightSince 2014
Elaine Hoffman
Elaine HoffmanSince 2012
Emily Williams
Emily WilliamsSince 2011
Erica Andrews
Erica AndrewsSince 2010
Erica  Bryant
Erica BryantSince 2013
Gayle Hartleroad
Gayle HartleroadSince 2012
Ginger Carnell
Ginger CarnellSince 2014
Heather Rodgers
Heather RodgersSince 2011
Heidi Amberson
Heidi AmbersonSince 2012
Hillary Herring
Hillary HerringSince 2013
Holly Gibson
Holly GibsonSince 2014
Jamie Chauvin
Jamie ChauvinSince 2010
Jean Bostic
Jean BosticSince 2013
Jeb Bodiford
Jeb BodifordSince 2010
Jenni Thibodeaux
Jenni ThibodeauxSince 2013
Jennifer Hyland
Jennifer HylandSince 2012
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer MartinSince 2012
Jennifer Shinn
Jennifer ShinnSince 2014
Jenny Stevens
Jenny StevensSince 2010
Jill Nelson
Jill NelsonSince 2013
Joann McGarvey
Joann McGarveySince 2012
Joseph DeFazio
Joseph DeFazioSince 2011
Julie Paolino
Julie PaolinoSince 2009
Kara Easterday
Kara EasterdaySince 2013
Karen Godeau
Karen GodeauSince 2012
Karen  Houtz
Karen HoutzSince 2013
Kari Ernest
Kari ErnestSince 2012
Karla Wheeler
Karla WheelerSince 2011
Katie Simmons
Katie SimmonsSince 2012
Kim Bowers
Kim BowersSince 2008
Kip Dennis
Kip DennisSince 2009
Kristen Woska
Kristen WoskaSince 2013
Kristin Rose
Kristin RoseSince 2010
Kyle Froman
Kyle FromanSince 2008
Lana Folsom
Lana FolsomSince 2012
Lana Moore
Lana MooreSince 2010
Laura Thatcher
Laura ThatcherSince 2012
Laurie Schaerer
Laurie SchaererSince 2010
Lee Stoeckert
Lee StoeckertSince 2013
Leilani Wagner
Leilani WagnerSince 2008
Leslie Aldridge
Leslie AldridgeSince 2011
Liana Blackburn
Liana BlackburnSince 2008
Lisa Gillissen
Lisa GillissenSince 2013
Lisa Krueger
Lisa KruegerSince 2012
Lisa Mueller
Lisa MuellerSince 2012
Mandy Girven
Mandy GirvenSince 2014
Marcie Munoz
Marcie MunozSince 2009
Marla Fowler
Marla FowlerSince 2008
Martese Ehm
Martese EhmSince 2014
Megan Fago
Megan FagoSince 2011
Megan Paradiso
Megan ParadisoSince 2012
Melissa Ludwig
Melissa LudwigSince 2014
Michelle King-Ambielli
Michelle King-AmbielliSince 2013
Natalie Corey
Natalie CoreySince 2013
Nicole Crook
Nicole CrookSince 2014
Renee Latta
Renee LattaSince 2011
Robin Kellogg
Robin KelloggSince 2014
Sarah Barrett
Sarah BarrettSince 2013
Sarah  Eubanks
Sarah EubanksSince 2013
Sharon Rosenlieb
Sharon RosenliebSince 2011
Steven Dallwig
Steven DallwigSince 2010
Susan Patel
Susan PatelSince 2011
Suzanne Altpeter
Suzanne AltpeterSince 2013
Tara Radulski
Tara RadulskiSince 2011
Tavia Storman
Tavia StormanSince 2013
Tawnya Clark
Tawnya ClarkSince 2013
Teresa Dossett
Teresa DossettSince 2013
Tiffany Hanks
Tiffany HanksSince 2013
Timika Boston
Timika BostonSince 2008
Tracy Colcord
Tracy ColcordSince 2013
Vicki Goforth
Vicki GoforthSince 2013
Yvette Abrego
Yvette AbregoSince 2013