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For most of us, the school year is now in full swing again. Summer vacations have been replaced by desks and educators. Flip flops and swim suits have been traded for school clothes and lunch boxes. As memories of our recent summer vacations slip further away, the next hopeful vacation dangles like a carrot in front of us, pulling us towards the next school break.

To Walt Disney World® Resort lovers, that next school break can feel like an eternity away.

That is why many of us don’t make it. We find the changing seasons and relatively lower crowds pulling us towards Walt Disney World® Resort earlier, via long weekends and family getaways that may pull our children (or grandchildren) out of school for a few days to ‘get our fix’! The good news is, even if your child may be missing a few days of school, Walt Disney World® Resort offers some fantastic learning opportunities throughout their four Orlando parks!

From pre-school to high school and from homeschoolers to college students, you will find several fantastic learning experiences at Walt Disney World® Resort that will truly engage learners both young and old alike! Here are some of our favorites…

The Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom® Park is a unique Audio-Animatronics® journey through American history as you get to ‘meet’ all 43 U.S. presidents on one stage! The Hall of Presidents includes speeches by Presidents Washington an Obama, and is flowing with history and patriotism.

On Magic Kingdom® Park’s Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress you will take a journey through time meeting with the same family in their home at different points in history. From pre-electricity to modern technology and conveniences, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a fun look at the advancement of our society!

Another attraction for the history buffs is Epcot’s® Spaceship Earth. From the beginning of recorded time to the modern 21st century, Spaceship Earth is a narrated journey through time and space. Set to music with stirring narrations, your omnimover vehicle will transport you from generation to generation…giving you glimpses into the advancements of the human race.

Walt Disney World® Resort isn’t just history though! In Epcot’s® Innoventions® Entertainment Facility young scientists can get ‘hands on’ while exploring countless current innovations. Students will quickly see that with imagination the sky is the limit in Innoventions® Entertainment Facility! From designing their own thrill rides to product safety and financial planning, there is literally something for everyone to see, do, learn and enjoy!

Walt Disney World® Resort has its share of biology too! In fact, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park is one non-stop, interactive animal experience! From Rafiki’s Planet Watch® Land to Kid’s Discovery Club, and everything in between, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park is a packed full of learning and experiences with countless teaching moments centered around our ecosystem and the animals that inhabit it!

All of this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of learning experiences available at Walt Disney World® Resort…with too many attractions to mention in just one place! From the geographical exploration of Epcot’s® World Showcase Pavilions to bringing out the art student in all of us at Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ at The Magic of Disney Animation, Walt Disney World® Resort combines learning and fun like no other family destination can!

So we won’t tell if you sneak your children away for a quick get-away this school year, just be sure to help them learn something new along the way!

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