As another decade comes to a close, there’s no denying that the 2010s have brought countless changes for Disney Parks and Resorts. We said goodbye to a few beloved attractions to make way for new lands and attractions. We welcomed new characters into the Parks with opportunities to meet and greet them. And we saw new Resort accommodations open in both Florida’s vacation kingdom and in Hawaii.

With so many changes throughout the past decade, one thing has remained constant. Disney Parks and Resorts continues to provide magical experiences to our guests that help create unforgettable family memories each and every day. It’s unmatched in the travel industry, and we’re proud to be a partner in assisting with the magic!

We asked our Magic Makers® what their top moments of the decade have been, and we’re happy to share those with you!

Our Magic Maker’s Top 10 Disney Parks & Resorts Additions of the 2010s!

Happy New Year! Here’s to another decade of Magical Memories!

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