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Upcoming Walt Disney World® Resort runDisney Event Presale

Year after year, runDisney continues to be the premier destination race series that delivers magical moments to last a lifetime. First time runners and experienced endurance athletes alike enjoy spectacular runs through Disney theme parks on some of the most magical courses on Earth!

With 4 themed weekends that take place at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida (races at the Disneyland® Resort in California have been temporarily suspended), there’s a race experience that’s perfect for each member of your family! Marathon or half marathon races headline each runDisney weekend, but other offerings include 10Ks, 5Ks, Kids Races and a runDisney Health & Fitness Expo. And of course, each race has it’s own bling! The more races you complete, the more coveted finisher medals you’ll earn! There are also challenge medal that are awarded to runners who complete more than one race during a race weekend!

Don’t miss out on the fun! And now for a limited time, you can book your stay and secure your Race Registration (bib) for three upcoming events before they go on sale to the general public!

2020 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend Presale
Walt Disney World® Resort ~ Jan. 8-12, 2020

2020 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Presale
Walt Disney World® Resort ~ Feb. 20-23, 2020

2020 Star Wars™ Rival Run Weekend Presale
Walt Disney World® Resort ~ Apr. 16-19, 2020


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‘Star Wars™ Half Marathon – The Dark Side’ Announced for Walt Disney World® Resort

After a successful first Star Wars™ Half Marathon Weekend this past January at the Disneyland® Resort, runDisney participants have been hoping for a similar event to hit the East Coast. This morning, runDisney announced a second Star Wars™ Half Marathon Weekend would be added, but this time things will be focused on the dark side!

Star Wars™ Half Marathon – the Dark Side Weekend will take place April 14-17, 2016, at the Walt Disney World® Resort. In addition to the Half Marathon, the weekend’s events will include a Star Wars™ 10K, Star Wars™ 5K, Kids Races, and the Dark Side Challenge (Star Wars™ 10K on Saturday and Star Wars™ Half Marathon on Sunday). Participants can also accept the Kessel Run Challenge by completing the Star Wars™ Half Marathon missions on both coasts earning them a commemorative “Coast to Coast” medal inspired by the Millennium Falcon starship.

The original Star Wars™ Half Marathon Weekend, which will return in January at the Disneyland® Resort, will be rebranded as the Star Wars™ Half Marathon – the Light Side but registration for that event has already sold out.

Race registration for Star Wars™ Half Marathon – the Dark Side Weekend opens Sep. 22 (Early registration starts Sep. 15th for Annual Passholders and DVC Members)! Like all runDisney events, this one is expected to sell out quickly so mark your calendars!

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runDisney Event Registration Tips

Every runner is aware of the preparation needed to compete in a race. You can’t just lace up your shoes and go run a marathon! You have months worth of preparation to make sure you are conditioned both mentally and physically and have everything you need to compete.

With runDisney races, that preparation starts with registering for your event. Because these events are so incredibly popular, it’s not uncommon for some races to sell out within hours of registration opening! Your window of opportunity to register for these events can be small, so we have a few tips for you to make it as pain-free as possible.

  • View our listing of upcoming runDisney events and note the registration date and time for the race you are interested in.
  • Because registration requires an account, we suggest you visit the site before registration opens and create one if needed.
  • Because the registration process asks some personal details, it’s easiest for you to fill out the form for yourself. Even if you are participating as a group, it’s best (and quickest) for each of you to register on your own.
  • On registration day, keep an eye on runDisney’s twitter account (@runDisney) for the registration link to be posted as soon as registration opens. This will be your quickest way to access the registration form.
  • If you’re lucky enough to make it right into the queue, you only have 15 minutes to complete your registration before your spot is given up to another person. If you receive an “on hold” message, the queue is full but continue to check back as spots may still open up.

After you receive your registration confirmation, then you can focus on your race preparations and let our expert Magic Makers® handle all the rest of your planning!